My passion is to help people

My life path is the result of my family’s circumstances, passion and my quest for a job, which could give me a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. My first professional path is connected with purely artistic activities and graphic design, as a result of graduating from the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. My second path is helping others through massage, which resulted from encountering a master / teacher Vladimir Rudnicki, who took me under his wing as a student. This meeting turned my life around…, pushing me towards a completely new path. From being a patient (I came to him with injuries resulting from “synergies” in krav maga training), I became a body therapist, opened my own practice, in which, from the bottom of my heart, I help all those that knock at my door while learning respect for the temple of the body. Each person that becomes my patient/client is met with great respect and understanding of all his or her needs. Recently I’ve fallen in love with Traditional Chinese Medicine. I’m a student of acupuncture under Maciej Brzeziński whose methods (about 25 years of acupuncture practice, one of the first students of Jan Pokrywka) have helped dozens of people to regain their health. (In this method the needles stay in the body for a very short time). Maciej, who is an outstanding and good person (and a perfect teacher), has become another of my masters guiding me towards my professional improvement. The fusion of different techniques, confronting ailments by “attacking” them from different angles – is in my opinion the most effective. I haven’t put a separate tab about acupuncture on my website, as the information on this method is widely available and known.

About massage

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE based on his method is still relatively unknown in Poland, but despite this fact, more and more people find out and use this effective healing method. The D.T.M breaks down any inflammations within the body that accumulate over the years in form of noticeable bulges, the so called connective tissue adhesions, which are a common cause of myocardial infarctions and spine, back, pectoral, hand and knee aches. Adhesions block free flow of blood and lymph, causing degenerations that, depending on their placement, can attack the weakened body parts and gradually move deeper within the body until they reach the osseous tissue.

This type of muscle vallecula massage is very popular in the Middle and Far East, yet it looks totally different than the DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE performed in Poland. In the East, people are used to prevent health problems by subjecting themselves to massages regularly. Massages and stretching of various muscle groups are considered to be fixed points in the potential patient’s weekly schedule. When the health deteriorates, the frequency of massages is increased. The next step – when the pain/illness does not recede after a series of manual therapy sessions – is to see a physician who can administer pharmaceutical drugs or schedule an operation. In Poland it’s totally the other way around. First, the patient is given drugs and then, when the effects are not satisfactory, a surgical procedure is used. Sometimes the surgery is unavoidable but it should failed.

My work

The first parameter that determines the course of the massage is the patient interview – I need to learn about the history of the pain that is to be dealt with. I also need to know about any therapies or procedures used by the patient and their quantifiable results.

The number of the DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE session depends on the changes in the patient’s body; the massage frequency is based on the person’s individual reaction to the first 3 massages that usually take place within one week. This way the body is able to absorb all effects of the massage. The day after the massage, the patient usually feels bad, but the next day brings visible improvement.

The pain that can manifest itself during the massage is a result of advanced inflammation.

Every patient’s reaction to this kind of stimulation is different. Usually the improvement of health can be observed after the first massage. However, the improvement depends on how long have the health problems persisted (years, months or days), on the cause of those problems (mechanical traumas, concussions, swelling, strain as a result of a bad posture e.g. during work) or on the current state of health, past diseases and the amount of physical activity.

Additionally, this type of massage helps weight loss, as it reduces muscle and hypodermic fat. It also improves skin condition in sensitive places (e.g. the thigh area in women) by clearing blood circulation, disruption of which causes cellulite.

Each procedure that I undertake is adjusted to meet the needs and wants of each individual patient. t does not target one specific body part,

because any given ailment is connected with the rest of the body in many different ways. A holistic approach is the key to this technique.

Prostatic massage has two phases. The 1st phase centres around the groin area, while the 2nd phase is a per rectum massage with the pressure applied directly on a gland. Such massage is the right technique to supplement and aid treatment of chronic prostatic inflammation, prostate enlargement and pelvic pains. It should not be performed on patients suffering from urethritis (inflammation of the urethra) or during the acute phase of prostate gland inflammation.

When I feel the need to use bio energy on an individual patient, I include this element into the procedure.

The whole procedure takes about 50 – 60 minutes or 1.5 or 2 hours, depending on the findings.
The place where the massage is performed:


Prana Sp. z o. o.
ul. Kolista 14k
50-007 Wroclaw
(grey building behind Biedronka
supermarket – enter from the
main street)

Camila Chwiszczuk: 535-940-700

If I am unable to pick up the phone, in order to make
an appointment for a massage, please sms me the suggested hours and days.


To suit your needs and preferences I can work with you at any time of day or even late in the evening.
For hygiene reasons, please bring your own large towel.

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